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April 27th, 2010

Photo by Dr Case.

Smoking bills

March 25th, 2010

Originally uploaded by Great Beyond.


March 9th, 2010

Hounded Out?

March 1st, 2010

fok your dog, originally uploaded by wojofoto.

Dogs seem to be recurring theme here recently, this is probably sheer coincidence.

Dogs Only

February 28th, 2010

discrimination, originally uploaded by mugley.

Team Work 2

February 11th, 2010

From Gertrud K..

Someone actually drew a dog being sick on a wall

February 7th, 2010

And we’re blogging about it. No one wins here.

Only in San Francisco

February 2nd, 2010

A Man-Bird, originally uploaded by Generik11.

No idea here either.

Cat Food

January 23rd, 2010

Cat Food, originally uploaded by Robby Virus.

Horse Flange

January 7th, 2010

Horse Flange, originally uploaded by duncan.