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  3. Nice to hear this site wasn’t dieing. It’s one of my fauvtroie sites, and I absolutely love horror/creepy stuff (reading and writing them)I like the Voting ideea.About suggestions:- I would like the social network buttons to be like under a scrolling bar or something, so you can hide them (drop down menu or something similar). IDK how the new site will be, but the buttons on the left on this site annoy me when I read.- A kind of forum would be nice, in case members want to share creepy/horror pictures, art or other stuff that is not pastas. Among other uses of the forum.- Another ideea I have is (quite a major one) :Since users will have accounts and assuming posting will go on smooth and stuff, some awards would be nice. We could have like some achievements. We could use achivements like Post #number# pastas , Win Pasta of the Week/Month/Year , and so on. Past of the W/M/Y would be like a contest, where the most votes gets you the win. (the winners could go to some kind of Hall of fame section)Also among the rate out of 5 stars voting system, we should have like a Scare button, Creepy , Disturbing and maybe Confusing buttons.Scare: if the pasta really turned out to be scary for the reader.Creepy: if the ideea and/or characters just make you feel uneasyDisturbing: if the actions/story/characters just disturb your imagination while trying to picture themConfusing: would be kind of a negative button, in case the pasta is totally not understood by the reader.These special buttons could be seen as mini achievements for the writer, and you could aslo get a site achivement for getting many of these. Like Boo! Get 10 Scare ratings , Better luck next time- Get 10 Confusing ratings .Tell me what you guys think. I believe that it would be nice to have achivements like that, and the new rating buttons would just add a bit of extra spice to it IDK.- Another ideea, which I don’t really know if it would work right, would be Remixing .Add a section, where people would post remixed versions of a pasta. The writer would hav to specify if he agrees for his pasta to be remixed or not, so that we meet the writer’s rights over his work.Remixes could get lame, so I guess a pasta shouldn’t be remixed more than twice. (like Remix of the rexmix)Still not sure about this one.- And the last ideea, which is more like a request, is that it would be nice if some member with say the talent to draw (manual draw or computer drawing W/E ) would offer to make scetches or any kind of images picturing their favourite pasta places, or characters etc. (could go in the forum I guess) There are my suggestions, not meaning to sound rude or anything, just trowing out some ideeas I thought could work well on this site. =P Comment by Nick Sue1rez on June 30, 2012 at 12:51 am

  4. That insight’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  5. It’s a joy to find someone who can think like that

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