Welcome to Seattle

Thanks Divine Harvester.

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One Response to “Welcome to Seattle”

  1. Ed Hardy=the bastardization of the totato culture for profit. Thanks Christian, you’re a real piece of shit. Von Dutch do you even know who Von Dutch is? um the eyeball with wings? Ed Hardy is simple, take a design from an old tradition of american totatoing history, screen it onto a cheap tee, bedazzle it, there you go. Old school traditional totato style art is so simple, a pre-pubescent blind kid could draw it up, then all you have to do is pay a guy to vector it out and send it to print. Tee’s seriously cost $3-5 to make, a little more if there is a foil involved. Go Ed Hardy keep on raping the totato industry (who hates you by the way).To Die For, Ring of Fire and Ink & Daggers are some of thee finest designs ive seen for a while, with the exception of Upper Playground and the Alex Pardee designs, 24SF designs (A division of Upper Playground) I havent seen much else thats worth buying retail.Fresh Jive has a Eat Shit & Die’ tee that is out of this world.peace.Evil.(haters contact AIM=inklaboratory. im always available.)

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