Dogs Only

discrimination, originally uploaded by mugley.

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2 Responses to “Dogs Only”

  1. Mary,I wish I could have been cloned this wekeend. I desperately wanted to attend the SCBWI Conference AND the James River Writers conference in Richmond, but I missed both events. My daughters were marching in their very first parade, and I had to be there. Although I missed your presentation, this posting touched me and I had to respond. This past summer, a friend suggested I buy two cheap marble composition books and write notes to both of my daughters (ages 8 & 10). I write to each of them and tuck their books under their pillows. Each girl writes back to me and delivers her book to a special secret spot. They are our ongoing love letters. A precious gift we give one another.

  2. I’m grateful you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

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